Welcome to Zone 1 Radio's Volunteering Opportunities.

A major objective of Zone 1 Radio is to help Communities of Benefit, namely to undertake our Public Service Broadcaster responsibilities within a structure that enables and supports high quality volunteering, internships and work placements, furnishing participants with skills and experience that will help them get a foothold within London’s competitive employment market.

If you want to learn what community radio is all about and would like to apply for volunteering work at Zone 1 Radio itself, then please contact matthew@zoneoneradio.com

Each of the following organisations is looking for volunteers and details are broadcast on air in our hourly Volunteer Bulletins. To find out more about each organisation and how you can get in touch with them please read on . . . .

Thames 21

Thames21 is the voice for London’s waterways, working with communities to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife. They mobilise thousands of volunteers every year to clean and green the capital’s 400 mile network of waterways. Thames21 aims to transform neglected waterways into areas that everyone can use and enjoy with innovative and tailored community approaches. They're looking for volunteers to help with river cleanups and citizen science projects. To get involved visit www.thames21.org.uk.

The Big Bottle Count - September 2 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

On the 2nd September, Thames21 and the #OneLess bottle campaign sent volunteers to around 20 collection hotspots on the Thames to count (and remove) that rising scourge of the world’s rivers and oceans – plastic bottles. Over our 20 years of cleaning the Thames we have noticed how the rapid rise in the use of drink bottles has been reflected in the river. Teaming up with #OneLess, we attempted to count and remove all the bottles on Thames foreshore. Last year, we visited 11 sites and retrieved 2,500 bottles. This year we went a step further and visited every site where we know bottles accumulate.

To hear the full story please listen again here...

If you have any questions you can email us on bigbottlecount@thames21.org.uk.

Be Enriched

Pollinating an area near you with good ideas, community projects and inspiring young people internationally. We are based in South London and work in partnership with a range of youth and community organisations in the UK and around Europe. Be Enriched provides community meals across London using surplus food. They are looking for volunteers to help deliver community meals including cooking, serving and cleaning. To get involved email: hello@be-enriched.org or visit their website http://www.be-enriched.org.uk/

The Insyde Talk Show

The Insyde Out Show aims to offer young people and young adults a platform to talk about social issues which concern them, their peers and their communities. This open forum allows young people and young adults to be heard and seen positively engaging in meaningful debates, therefore breaking current stereotypes and negative perceptions of youth today. This show will raise young people’s awareness surrounding issues that affect them and encourage those attending and watching online to work together to raise valid points and come up with collaborative solutions and next steps to influence positive community change. 

The Insyde Talk Show hosts monthly debates for young adults to get involved in social and political topics. They're looking for volunteers to promote their events and join their team! If you'd like to get involved follow their social media @insydetalk or visit insydetalk.com

Living Under One Sun

Living Under One Sun is a community association which works to empower neighbourhoods through helping people and businesses build their skill sets and relationships. They're looking for volunteers and members to join their groups, classes and to be a part of the community. To get involved visit www.livingunderonesun.co.uk/


ecoACTIVE is an innovative environmental education charity with a reputation for using hands-on, practical approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability. EcoActive envisions a world where young people and communities are agents of change for creating a better planet. We design and deliver interactive workshops to empower people to take meaningful action on sustainability. They create eye-opening experiences for children and adults alike, running workshops in schools, projects in parks, community gardens, and projects with community groups and housing associations. 

They're looking for volunteers for their education team, their community events team and for their website. To get involved email admin@ecoactive.co.uk or visit the website http://ecoactive.org.uk/

Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm is an urban farm with an educational focus in the heart of the London Borough of Merton. We teach the local community about the rural environment and where their food comes from. We have an active Volunteering programme as well as a Riding School offering affordable lessons to the local community. 

Deen City Farm is looking for volunteers to work on the farm as well as someone to help them collect data about the work they do. To get involved visit www.deencityfarm.co.uk

Iconic Steps

Iconic Steps aims to fully equip young people aged 16 - 25 from hard to reach backgrounds with skills and advice. This will help them to become financially independent through film production training, employability workshops and sign-posting to education, work experience and/or employment opportunities. We run high quality film production courses in documentary, music video and advertising and we understand that these courses are just the first step. To support them we run employability skill activities including master classes, CV workshops, networking, interview skills and motivational classes. Taking this one step further we help create a revenue stream for students through our commissions for creative content. 

They're looking for volunteers for their summer courses in July, to help the students create content. To get involved email acadmy@iconicsteps.co.uk or visit iconicsteps.co.uk and fill out a form.

Solving Kids Cancer

Solving Kids’ Cancer supports children and families affected by neuroblastoma, a rare form of paediatric cancer. There are around 100 new cases of neuroblastoma each year, of which children are predominantly under 5 years old. We provide a range of specialist support services to families affected by neuroblastoma designed to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to fight this disease. We also fund the ground-breaking neuroblastoma research that is essential to push treatment forward and improve outcomes for children. 

They're looking for volunteers to help them to fundraise through their events, or by making your own event. To get involved visit solvingkidscancer.org.uk or their twitter @SKC_Europe

Skin Deep (Behind The Mask) (SDBM)

Unlike some illnesses, skin disease is very overt in nature and cannot be easily hidden. The emotional and psychological effects can be as debilitating as the physical complications. It can take its toll not only on the sufferers but on those who support and care for them. It’s objective is to raise awareness and provide support to sufferers of skin disorders.

They're looking for volunteers to help run some skin camouflage workshops in July, as well as illustrators to help illustrate children's books about characters with skin conditions. To get involved email info@skinawareness.org

Chance UK

Is an effective and proven early intervention programme that changes the challenging behaviour of primary school-aged children through intensive mentoring and family support. Mentors and staff use a solution-focused approach to grow a child’s strengths, build their self-esteem, and find positive alternatives to their challenging behaviour that could otherwise result in anti-social or criminal offending in later life. Our objectives

To introduce more safety and stability into children’s lives. Directly address the difficulties experienced by each child and family. Channel children’s energy into projects that give a sense of personal achievement. Nurture children’s self-worth. Reduce the isolation children and families may be experiencing. Support children to find the motivation and life skills to move forward positively.

They're looking for more volunteer mentors! To get involved visit www.chanceuk.com