E-Mail from America – with Zeff, Zone1’s illegitimate ex-patriot son.

Originally from Hackney, but now a proud resident of another capital city, Washington DC, Zeff’s mid-life crisis involved a microphone instead of a Porsche. And so was born the E-mail from America, 60 minutes of music, chat, and a little irreverent commentary.

Breakfast in America? Not quite, though that would count as a 70s pop reference for regular listeners…….




If it’s November then it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, so if you’ve been confused why Uncle Sam has been off while you’ve been hard at the grindstone, ex-patriot son Zeff is on hand to get you up-to-speed with the most American of holidays.


Learn the history and traditions, and take a tour of a kitchen on “Turkey Day.” And later in the show, Zeff takes a trip to Boston to visit historic Fenway Park




“Walk On Water”                        Thirty Seconds to Mars

“While You Fade Away”          The Happy Fits

“Disco Infiltrator”                      LCD Soundsystem

“Mashed Potatoes”                   Jame Brown

“Egg Man”                                      The Beastie Boys

“Party Mix”                                    The B-52s