E-Mail from America – with Zeff, Zone1’s illegitimate ex-patriot son.

Originally from Hackney, but now a proud resident of another capital city, Washington DC, Zeff’s mid-life crisis involved a microphone instead of a Porsche. And so was born the E-mail from America, 60 minutes of music, chat, and a little irreverent commentary.

Breakfast in America? Not quite, though that would count as a 70s pop reference for regular listeners…….




In the spirit of the season, and the film Being John Malkovich, put on you fake beard, find a large cushion to stuff up your jumper and join Zeff as he plays St Nick for some youngsters in a daycare center.


We’re also shopping for decorations as we visit the largest all-year Christmas store in the state of Virginia.



“Scary Love”                                 The Neighbourhood

“Sweet Disaster”                        Dreamers

“Express Yourself”                    The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band & Charles Wright

“Shopping Bags”                         De La Soul

“Be Brave”                                     The Strange Boys

“Kimono”                                       MNDR

“House of Jealous Lovers”     The Rapture