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19 October 2016

Rt Hon. Mark Field MP backs ZoneOneRadio's FM licence bid -- @markfieldmp @Ofcom @z1radio

The Right Honourable Mark Field MP, Member of Parliament for Cities of London and Westminster and Vice Chairman (International) of The Conservative Party, has given his endorsement to ZoneOneRadio's application for a community radio station for Central London.

ZoneOneRadio was founded in 2011 with a grant from Team London - the volunteering arm of the Mayor of London's Office. The organisation has always had two main aims

1. To provide a hyper-local community media platform for the people who live, work and study in Central London.
2. To promote the professional, social and therapeutic benefits of social engagement and volunteering, with an emphasis on helping its unemployed volunteers into sustainable employment

Since 2011, the organisation has worked with over 120 volunteers, helping 31 of them into sustainable employment by offering them careers advice, CV clinics and interview practice, as well as hands-on training and experience in multimedia production and social media promotion. ZoneOneRadio volunteers have gone on to work for the likes of Sky, UEFA, the BBC, Discovery, BT Sport, Radio Jackie, and Unique.

The station has produced over 850 high-quality on-demand radio programmes on topics relevant to its local audience. Issues covered include homelessness, urban isolation, unemployment, poverty and pollution.

On social media, ZoneOneRadio has over 50,000 followers on twitter across ten key accounts, as well as sizeable audiences on platforms including facebook, pinterest, audioboom and mixcloud. From day one of their time with the station, ZoneOneRadio volunteers are given access to the station's social media accounts with a view to equipping them with the digital skills that are so important in London's competitive employment market.

In July 2016 Ofcom invited applications "from community organisations seeking to provide community services in localities in London and other areas within the M25 orbital motorway."

Since then, ZoneOneRadio's team of volunteers have been putting together their application in time for Ofcom's deadline at 5pm on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

In his endorsement of ZoneOneRadio's application, Mr Field said...

‘I should be delighted to offer my support to ZoneOneRadio’s application for an FM licence, allowing them to operate a community radio station in the heart of London.

It is often wrongly assumed that Central London is the domain only of tourists, workers and a core of super-rich homeowners. In reality, central London is comprised of a wonderfully diverse mix of residents, some of whom have lived in Westminster for generations, others whose time in the area is only fleeting. They live not in a homogenous metropolis but a series of urban villages, each with its own distinct history, architecture and community, from the stucco-fronted terraces of Pimlico to the mansion blocks of Marylebone. Similarly, they bridge every type of housing tenure from ownership of some of the world’s most expensive real estate to rented tenancies on some of the capital’s very oldest housing estates or the odd night grabbed at a homeless hostel.

These residents are stitched together into a community by grassroots organisations like ZoneOneRadio who recognise the unique stories they have to tell and understand that the issues affecting people in Westminster can be entirely different to those in Wandsworth or Woolwich. In spite of its colour and vibrancy, central London can be a lonely place, and ZoneOne Radio has already demonstrated how community radio can be used to snuff out the sense of isolation that all too often takes hold of city dwellers.  The station hopes to act as a platform for the disproportionately high number of vulnerable people within our community, particularly the homeless and those living alone. By providing essential information through an accessible, affordable and established medium, ZoneOneRadio aims also to serve as a mouthpiece for people whose voices are not often heard, highlighting their needs and the challenges they face.

I hope that you will consider their application as a positive attempt to articulate the true spirit of Central London and give voice to its fantastic breadth of residents, who so often turn assumptions about the capital on their head’.

In response, Matthew Layton, ZoneOneRadio's Managing Director said...

"ZoneOneRadio has come a long way in the last five years. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride to be honest, but Mark's endorsement of our FM licence application is most definitely one of the highs.

"Ofcom have made it very clear to applicants that a vanilla two liner from a station's local MP saying 'I think it would be a really good idea to have a community radio station on my patch', just won't cut the mustard.

"Mark's detailed, specific and heartfelt endorsement shows a real understanding of what ZoneOneRadio's dedicated team of volunteers has been trying to achieve over the last five years - talking with, reflecting and representing the unique, culturally diverse but often fractured communities that live here in Central London.

"It means a lot to all of us. We think Mark's support will really add weight to our application for the FM licence, which in turn will give us the scalability to build a sustainable organisation that will serve our local community for a long time to come."


For further information, please contact Matthew Layton - - +447533517396

@z1radio and @radio_matthew


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