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27 August 2014

#EmailFromAmerica with Zeff - Track Day Special

ZoneOneRadio's illegitimate ex-pat son Zeff presents #EmailfromAmerica - your weekly missive from across The Pond.

This week Zeff is going motor racing.

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It’s Summertime, so ZoneOneRadio’s illegitimate ex-pat son Zeff is out and about seeing what happens when America relaxes.

On this show, we’re off to the Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia to experience the speed and noise when regular drivers take their streetcars out on the racetrack. It’s an event simply called “Fridays at the Track.”

Zeff talks to some serious gear heads, gets some inside info on exactly how to drive your car fast, and spends a lot of time watching cars go round a track. Quickly. It’s London GP out in West Virginia!

Great American music this week from the likes of Princ, The Kings of Leon and Cake

-- and

Cake - The Distance
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Kings of Leon - Camaro
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Prince - Little Red Corvette
(Cooking with 3 Burners) - Cars
Elvis Presley - Speedway


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