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28 August 2016

#ZoneOneDigest - Premium Grilled Radio - Presented by @5tuartHardy @z1radio

Stuart Hardy presents #ZoneOneDigest - ZoneOneRadio's weekly "Best of.." show.

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Stuart Hardy Presents the best of the week on Zone one Radio, as long as you don't feed him after midnight...

This week's ZoneOneDigest is served medium rare with a side of onions. After Stuart's little incident last week, we've had a funding cut and so the most expendable person on the station was chosen to be roasted and ground up into burgers to be sold as a delicacy. Three guesses who drew the short straw. So while Stuart begs for his life inside a furnace, he presents his last ever edition, including:

#InGoodTaste with Florence Cornish decide what makes good burger: Horse, cow, or goblin?

#LondonGigGuide interview the Strong Asian Mothers

#IntoTheMix go ooooo at remixer oOoOOo

And Russian show Vasilisa on an Island uncover more conspiracies in a language 90% of this show's listeners don't understand. This week: did Mick Hucknall build the pyramids?

This is zoneonedigest, would you like fries with that?

-- and and


As the Grenfell Tower Inquiry enters its next phase, another chance to listen to Khadidja N'Diaye's moving report from North Kens...