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04 August 2016

NEW SHOW: #TechTalkfest Mobile Development with Jennifer Sheridan CEO of @WeAreTogeva & Video Production Guide

Tech Talkfest is your weekly roundup of news from the UK technology scene.

Zoe talks to Jennifer Sheridan, CEO of Togeva. Jennifer took her early projects to festivals and clubs as interactive art installations before working on high profile Nokia Advertisements. She has some great advice for start-ups in the mobile sector and also looks to the future of interactive technology.

Sofie Sandell has a report on how to make effective videos online. Sofie is an experienced video producer and has some great tips from getting started to maximizing your reach.

And in Tech News the Communications Data Bill is back with a Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership, there's good and bad news for game sales in 2012 and the troll who nearly got trounced by the professional boxer he picked on!

Your host Zoe Cunningham is the Managing Director of a London software company.

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