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21 July 2016

#TechTalkfest talks to CEO Women In Games Jobs Gina Jackson about the games industry - @z1radio

Tech Talkfest is your weekly roundup of news from the UK technology scene 

Gina Jackson has worked on games including Tomb Raider and Championship Manager. Now as CEO of Women In Games Jobs she has to tackle the huge misrepresentation of females in the games design process. "I think we're a hugely immature industry," she said.

TechTweets covers the latest week in technology news, including Microsoft's whopping fine, Boris Johnson's futuristic plan for a Smart London.

And we introduce our brand new contributor - Sofie Sandell. Sofie teaches digital leadership and begins her guide to being A Leader Online with an overview of

Your host Zoe Cunningham is the Managing Director of a London software company. 

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As the Grenfell Tower Inquiry enters its next phase, another chance to listen to Khadidja N'Diaye's moving report from North Kens...