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14 September 2012

NEW SHOW - @SkymindLondon - #FromUpHere - Red

This is the place Skymind calls home.

Deep beneath London Bridge Station, in a dimly-lit yet spotless laboratory, beakers of a strange translucent red liquid bubble away abiove bunsen burners, giving the room a gentle sunset glow.

A beautiful aroma wafts through the air - part bitter cherries, part melted wax, with an edge of the pungent mirasol chilli.

Giuseppe's secret formula serves two purposes.

It is the blood that flows through the veins of "From Up Here" - his weekly selection of misty mellow electronica and shoegaze on ZoneOneRadio.

But it's also a dietary supplement which he uses in his role as Nutrition Consultant to the Chinese Olympic Swimming Team.

In Il Maestro's own words...

Hello! This time I really wanted to have a go at mixing artists from the most various backgrounds: Enya, Apparat, Laurie Anderson among them. Where the experimental and ethereal dubstep of BT blends perfectly with the cinematic soundscapes of Craig Armstrong: this is the land of From up here. Red is our colour this week!

@SkymindLondon and @z1radio


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