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07 July 2012

NEW SHOW - @radio_matthew - #London GP Special

Matthew presents your weekly dose of motor sport and music on ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for Central London.

This week a London Grand Prix Special.

Last week Santander and Mclaren pulled off a bit of a PR coup.

They produced a very shiny video starring Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and a couple of hundred grands’ worth of computer graphics illustrating what a London grand Prix might look like.

There’s a link to the video on the facebook page -

It’s brilliant

So as the man who presents the only motor sport radio show on the only radio station for Central London Matthew is launching a campaign to bring Formula 1 to the streets of the most exciting, dynamic and diverse place to live work and study on the planet.

So far it’s going rather well

On tonight’s show Matthew asks Boris Johnson, Nigel Mansell, John Surtees and Steve Rider to join the campaign.

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