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10 July 2012

NEW SHOW - @_InGoodTaste - Bompas & Parr Mini Golf Special

This week is a very special episode of #InGoodTaste as we down tools and head to the roof of Selfridges at the invitation of The British Mini Golf Association. 

High on the famous department store roof (which incidentally was once the home of the first ever BBC radio antenna) culinary wizards Bompas & Parr have created a daring 9 hole Mini Golf course complete with giant pastel-coloured cake structures in the shape of famous London landmarks including Tower Bridge and Big Ben. 

We were on the fairway to interview the great and the good from the Mini Golf world and witness the nail-biting finale to a hard fought championship.

William also got to speak to Sam Bompas himself about his inspiration behind this crazy culinary extravaganza.  

Thanks to: 

The British Mini Golf Association
Bompas & Parr
Urban Crazy
Richard Gottfried
Brad "The Fist" Shepherd
Simon Cavalier-Jones 


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