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04 June 2012

NEW SHOW - Will Hanley & Vicky Ferran - ZoneOneRadio presents The Hip Hop Show Feat. Fat Gold Chain

This week Vicky and Will go to Shoreditch to find out a little more about the London Hip Hop scene.

Expect the unexpected, as we get highbrow & tackle the challenging relationship between poetry and Hip Hop, plus we wax lyrical about... Radio 4.

We also speak to the guys behind Fat Gold Chain - a monthly Hip Hop night featuring live acts. This month it was the turn of Mark Grist and MC Mixy a.k.a 'Dead Poets'. These two artists from Peterborough are actively 'challenging the preconceptions of poetry and hip hop'.

It wouldn't be a ZoneOneRadio music show either without some awesome music as chosen by Fat Gold Chain to give you a taste of some of the tracks, past and present, which best demonstrate what hip hop's all about.

@radio_vicky @WilliamPHanley & @z1radio

Thanks to...

Tom Spiller
Solo Cypher @Solocypher
Benny Diction @BennyDiction_UK
Dead Poets @MixyRic @montygristo
Legoman @Legomanmusic


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