Russell Brand's Recovery Radio

13 June 2012

NEW SHOW - Skymind - From up here - Blue

The Shard.

One of the tallest structures in Europe.

Most people think it's a rather large, but conventional building that will soon be full of offices, apartments for the super-rich and a luxury hotel

But we know better.

We know that it's Skymind's Universe Antenna - a delicate instrument which helps him to collect peaceful vibes direct from the stratosphere and channel them into "From Up Here" - an hour of the best in down-tempo etherea and blissful chill out beats.

This week "Blue" - the second instalment in an infinite series of shows where the music is chosen according to its colour

One thing you've heard about The Universe Antenna is true. There is an open-air infinity pool that juts out from the 38th floor.

That's where Skymind is now, lying on his favourite pink lilo, medium-blend Cohiba smoking gently, a big smile across his face - the satisfaction of a job well done.

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