Russell Brand's Recovery Radio

01 May 2012

NEW SHOW - Olga Casablancas - St George's Day 2012

The wonderful bag of energy that is Olga is back with a look at what it means to be English...

"St. George's Day 23th of April it's an essence of Englishness and a perfect day to celebrate tradition and just be proud to be English.
"Our brand new ZoneOneRadio reporter William Hanley took me for a journey through not only Trafalgar Square on the day of official celebration (Saturday 21st), but also through the story behind it.
"We were lucky enough to talk with variety of people either enjoying sunny/sometimes ranny Saturday between flowers on the legendary square or most importanly to people directly connected to the celebration. I mean magician man, male member of a vocal band and a man who is taking care of Machine Dragon.
"If that's enough for you, what would you say for half of Trafalgar Square screaming ' hello' to ZoneOneRadio and female, marine choir singing a cappela Adele's song?
Enjoy & remember that's rough version made by an impatient woman!


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