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18 May 2012

NEW SHOW - Gunit Puri - Interview with Ian Joseph

Gunit presents ZoneOneRadio’s brand new show on social change initiatives. 

On Thursday I went down to see Ian Joseph, a research associate and associate director for criminology at the University of East London. 

We spoke about his research projects over the past few years that have concentrated on youth culture and it’s links with crime and criminal activity. 

With so much being written in the news about the current problems with youth culture and after some of the worse riots ever seen in London last year, I asked Ian about his take on the situation and the various ways that the problem has grown over the past few years. 

As an academic Ian was able to bring examples from his own work and his previous experience of being a mentor to highlight what he believes is a real problem. 

You’ll also hear MJ’s Man in the Mirror as we can all help to make a difference. 

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