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21 April 2012

SHOW - Gunit Puri - London Pub Tour #2 - Suit and Flute

Gunit presents ZoneOneRadio’s second Pub Tour called, 'Suit & Flute'.

"Last week I was invited down to Liverpool street for the start of the Suit & Flute pub tour that looked at some of London's oldest pub's and tavern's from in and around the financial district."

This show features an indepth interview with Vic Norman as well as soundbites from patrons who were on the tour itself, which also included Mike who had completed all 5 tours and achieved an exclusive priceless Dragon & Flagon badge.

Visit his Vic's website -

Music this week from Bon Jovi, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, amongst others...

@z1radio and @radio_gunit


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