Russell Brand's Recovery Radio

22 April 2012

SHOW - Skymind - From Up Here - Green

Just occasionally, if you time it right, when you walk out of the Tooley Street exit of London Bridge Station a faint waft of warm cinnamon tickles your nostrils.

As those in the know will tell you, that means that forty feet below you, in the austere German-designed kitchen that adjoins his lab, Skymind is baking.

It's how he relaxes after making 'From Up Here' - his scientifically-chosen selection of ambient ethereal loveliness.

This week's instalment is called "Green"

Those of you who like Skymind (or Giuseppe as his mama calls him) are slightly synaesthesic will know exactly why

Music this week from Mint Julep, Hammock, Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk, Helios and Bent amongst others.  

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