Russell Brand's Recovery Radio

25 February 2012

Sunday Mixtape #5 - Lullaby

Being a father of four month old twins is stressful.

Yes, there is screaming, sleep deprivation, dirty nappies... but the thing that weighs most heavily on my mind?


I'm trying to do right by Charlotte and Elizabeth as far as their musical upbringing goes, and frankly "The Wheels on the Bloomin' Bus" and "Old McDonald and his Chuffing Farm" aren't really doing it for me.

Hence this mixtape.

Inspired by the excellent Rockabye Baby series of nursery rhyme covers of classic rock anthems - - this is a collection of tunes to help my kids be cool in time for school.

And Mummy and Daddy need something to get them through the two-hour screamathon that is bathtime.

(What is it about parenthood that has suddenly made me refer to myself in the third person like that? Do you think it's hormonal?)

-- and


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